More and more female audiences in eSport tournaments, here’s the proof

GridGames.ID – Judging from its development, electronic sports or eSports are the fastest growing in Indonesia.

It can be seen from the eSport tournaments that are increasingly being held and are loved by the audience. Eits, speaking of the audience, it’s always dominated by boys.

But, on the other hand, eSports have managed to attract the attention of girls, you know!

Quoted by GridGames from KompasTekno, according to Interpret’s market research, women are starting to become more involved in eSports, mainly as spectators.

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Female eSports audience

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Female eSports audience

The growth of the female audience rose from 23.9 percent in 2022 to 30.4 percent in the fourth quarter of 2022.

This 6.5 percent increase is quite high considering how strongly the world of eSports is associated with the world of men.

“Changing behavior between broad segments of humanity is difficult. Progress in this number always takes time, in fact, the increase in gender (6.5) in the last two years is the right trend,” said Tia Christianson, Vice President of Interpret Europe.

According to him, if in the next two years the number of female audiences can increase by six percent, it can be said that the eSport audience will be balanced in terms of gender by considering the tools used, namely between traditional consoles or PCs.

The development of the female eSports audience


The development of the female eSports audience

“Industry-wise, more progress will be made as the role of women in traditional eSport games continues to grow,” said Chistianson.

“Most likely, most of that growth will appear in non-traditional eSport genres, especially games played on mobile and tablet devices,” he continued.

Christianson indicated, it is likely that the games that attract girls to play are non-traditional games that are easy to play on mobile devices.

Casual games or light games that don’t need high skills are said to be mostly played by women with a percentage of 66 percent.

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Counter Strike girl gamer

Counter Strike girl gamer

Reporting from ESPN, of the total 173 million viewers who watch eSports more than once a month, 72 percent are male viewers and 28 percent are female.

The age range of the audience is between the ages of 21-35 years, 39 percent are male and 15 percent are female viewers.

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Meanwhile, 66 percent of male viewers and 34 percent of female viewers have watched an eSport match at least once a year.


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