Moonton Philippines raises funds to fight the new coronavirus in the Philippines!

Moonton Philippines raises funds to fight the new coronavirus in the Philippines! Coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19) issues range from health issues, the economy to stagnant industries for Covid-19 We are experiencing serious problems all over the world in many countries.

There are many communities gathered to raise money. One is the Filipino gamer community funded by Moonton Philippines. I’m not kidding. Moonton Philippines was able to raise $ 19,873 with the help of the Filipino gamer community.

The funds raised came from Mobile Legends’ 515th Anniversary event: According to Bang Bang. ABS-CBN, the funds were raised through fundraising, auctions and charity competitions.

Source: MPL Mobile Legends

“Thanks to Moonton, Rumble Royale, and all MLBB players for helping fund the crazy legend campaign Charity Homestand. Riel Andalus, Senior Manager of Save the Children Partnership, said: It states in.

“It’s great to see the enthusiasm of gamers doing their best to mitigate COVID-19. This unexpected epidemic is affecting the lives of almost everyone and they need our help. We are pleased to work with Moonton to support and support the lives of affected children and their families through Save the Children Philippines. “

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Source: Moonton

Funding from the gamer community and Moonton Philippines has once again proved that the video game and esports industries can play a major role in social life and contribute to the problems that plague the world. Don’t forget to keep visiting our website to get the latest eSports news and follow us on Facebook.

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