Money Making Cashzine App : Earn Money Just By Reading News

Cashzine Money Making App- Making money only from home is everyone’s dream, that’s why it’s now a reality. That there is one application that can make money just by reading news on an Android phone.

So the application I mean is the cashzine apk application, because lately cashzine is being talked about on social media facebook. That the application can really make money, curious?? let’s just look at the complete information as follows.

Money Making Cashzine App Is

what is cashzine

Cashzine itself is actually an android application similar to Babe, where the application presents a collection of the latest news. However, what distinguishes cashzine from other applications is that you can make money.

So when you are reading news on cashzine, you will automatically get coins, so you can exchange these coins for money. Besides reading the news, you can also invite your friends to use it.

If your friends accept the shrimp, you will get a lot of coins, so you have the opportunity to make a lot of money. Well, if you all want to try it, just download the application.

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Download the Cashzine App

If you are interested in increasing your income from cashzine, then you can just download the application on the link I have prepared below


If you don’t forget to install it, remember how to install the Cashzine application is similar to how we install other applications. To see how to get money from cashzine, just look below.

How to Register a Cashzine Account

Before going any further, the thing you have to do is create a cashzine account. Because this is the most important requirement when you want to earn money just from reading news on an Android phone. Here are the ways:

how to register a cashzine account

  • First, of course, you have to open the Caszine application first
  • When you are done, you will see the profile menu in the right corner
  • After that, click on the profile and select “create a new account”
  • Next, fill in all the available fields such as email and password
  • Then you will get a verification code sent via email, please open the email and click the verification link in the message
  • Finally, you go back into the cashzine application then enter the email and password that you created earlier to log in
  • Finished

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How To Get Coins In Cashzine Quickly

In order to get coins quickly, my friend, just follow the steps I will give below and follow them properly.

1. Sending Invitation Codes To Friends

For the first time you can send your invitation code to friends, that by doing this you will get 8000 coins.

2. Share Articles To Social Media

The second way you can do is share articles (news) to social media, because when you are reading articles on the cashzine application you can share and then you will get an additional 300 coins

3. Invite And Invite Friends

Well, if we invite friends, we will have the opportunity to get bonus coins, including:

    • First coin bonus : 5000
    • Second coin bonus : 8000
    • Third coin bonus: 12000

Of course, I highly recommend using this method, because as we already know that there are many bonus coins that can be obtained from the method above.

Actually, there are many other ways that I can’t mention yet, because the main thing in order to get lots of cashzine coins is to use the method I mentioned above.

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How to Exchange Cashzine Coins With Money And Credit

After successfully collecting a lot of points, the next step is that you exchange the coins for money or with credit. For your own way, you just need to follow the steps below.

How to Exchange Cashzine Coins

  • Open the cashzine app
  • Then select the “reward” menu below
  • After that you can immediately exchange the coins for money or credit, make sure the coins you want to exchange are enough
  • Next you will be directed to the withdrawal menu, now if you withdraw Rp. 50,000, the money you get is Rp. 48,000, because there is a tax deduction of Rp. 2000.
  • If you have, there you are asked to enter the cashzine account number along with the name and then press the red Chinese writing
  • Finally, please wait for the money to enter your account. Notes: cash withdrawal process takes about 2 to 4 days
  • Finished


I guess that’s enough for the first review on this meeting that discusses the Cahszine Application: Earn Money Just By Reading News, I hope the article I wrote can be useful for all of you. Don’t forget to share on social media so that everyone knows

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