Monetize or display ads on YouTube channels

After you’ve previously created a tutorial on making money on YouTube, this tutorial has a way of signing up for a YouTube Adsense account. If you’ve tried the tutorial, you must have received an email response from Google today donk? The email must be information that you have received

Video tutorials:

After you have automatically received the email, you can open your Adsense account. You can visit at this address

Then the next step is to enable or monetize these ads so that they can appear on your YouTube videos. Here you can choose which videos to show ads or not. Here’s how:

1. Sign up to the YouTube account Channels.

2. Then go to Video manager – videos, then tick the video you want to download monetize.

3. Select the Actions – Monitor button.

4. Select ad formats, here the author reviews them all Overlay in vide ads, skippable video ads and Sponsored cards.

To discover these types of advertisements, you can go through Preview links.

5. Then select the button Earn money.

6. Wait a few minutes for the video that you are allowing advertising to appear.

Done, good luck.

Remarks: In order to monetize or serve ads on YouTube, your account must be approved in advance in order for ads to run. “Your Adsense application has been approved. Last step to make money. Monetize Your Videos ”.

Done, good luck.

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