Mobile-only PUBG New State, PC users wait patiently for PUBG 2 Yes!

Mobile-only PUBG New State, PC users wait patiently for PUBG 2 Yes!

Last week’s release of PUBG New State was enough to create the scene. Created by Krafton, this game is designed for mobile users, but what’s unique is that PUBG New State will not replace PUBG Mobile.

PUBG New State is completely different. Set in 2051, it features contemporary weapons, futuristic themes, and several new items that match futuristic colors.

When PUBG New State was released, PUBG Mobile fans around the world couldn’t wait to play it. Currently, only Android users can pre-register and still have to wait.

Next comes the big question: Will PUBG New State reach PCs and consoles as well?

Does not reach the PC

As always, when it comes to PUBG, there is one well-known and trusted informant on Twitter. It’s PlayerIGN. He was the first to leak rumors about PUBG New State a while back and is now providing the latest information.

PUBG New State will also be available on PC / Console, but Player IGN says it differently. According to him, PUBG 2 is still under development and is written for PC / console and can only be released in 2022.

This means that, at least for now, PUBG New State was intentionally created by Crafton specifically for mobile games. There are no plans to extend PUBG New State to PC or other available PUBG versions.

I can’t wait for PUBG New State

Whatever IGN players say, it’s clear now that PUBG Mobile fans around the world can’t wait to play PUBG New State.

The game is believed to force older players to change their playing style. You can also attract old PUBG players who were bored.

PUBG New State offers many new things. Reportedly, a new map called Troy, interesting items such as drones, etc.

Are you an impatient person or the Spinners?

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