Mobile Legends x Nabati Wafer Presents ‘Vegetable Wafer GenAlpha’ Product

Special products launched Mobile Legends x Nabati Wafer, Nabati Wafer GenAlpha

Special products launched Mobile Legends x Nabati Wafer, Nabati Wafer GenAlpha

GridGames.ID – Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) seems endless for unique collaborations.

After Promise Jiwa and Sour Sally, now the MOBA mobile game made by Moonton is collaborating with the Nabati Wafer brand.

In this collaboration, there is a special product launched, namely Nabati Wafer GenAlpha, where Nabati packs the product with a choice of popular heroes in Mobile Legends.

There are 6 heroes used by Nabati Wafer GenAlpha in the package, namely Alpha, Gatotkaca, Guinevere, Saber, and Hayabusa.

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“We are very happy with this collaboration, especially with the Nabati brand which is well known not only in Indonesia but in the world, and hope this can strengthen the presence of MLBB as the most popular MOBA game in Indonesia and become the choice for all game fans in Indonesia, especially MOBA games,” said Summer Ding, Head of Indonesia Marketing for Moonton Games.

He and Moonton invite all Mobile Legends users to participate in activities organized by Nabati Wafer and can get various attractive prizes.

“It is an honor for Wafer Nabati to collaborate with Mobile Legends: Bang Bang which is a world-famous MOBA game. It is hoped that this collaboration can provide added value and a positive impact for all parties,” said Ian Danarko, Marketing Manager, Nabati Wafer.

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