Mobile Legends vs PUBGM at the 2022 Esports Awards, Who is Better?

GridGames.ID – The Esports Awards will certainly be held again in 2022.

The organizers have also released a series of award categories and a list of nominations.

Based on the monitoring of the GridGames team, for the award category, a total of 32 categories were competed.

While the list of nominations, until now, only nominations from 5 categories have been announced.

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The five categories are Esports Collegiate Awad, Esports Content Creator of the Year, Esports Mobile Game of the Year, Esports personality of the Year, and Streamer of the Year.

Of the several names mentioned, Esports Mobile Game of the Year is one that is quite interesting.

The reason is, this category is filled by the two most popular mobile games today, namely Mobile Legends and PUBG Mobile.

Despite carrying different genres, the two can be said to compete with each other to be the best mobile game this year.

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