Mobile Legends Update Lots of Bugs, Udil Asks MPL ID S6 to be Postponed

GridGames.ID – Mobile Legends: Bang Bang a few days ago just presented the latest update in the NEXT project.

In this update, several older heroes are also optimized, such as Eudora, Layla, Saber, Zilong, Miya and Alucard.

Not only that, this NEXT project also gives a fresh look to the battlefield as well as the MLBB logo itself.

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Apparently, not all Mobile Legends players accept the new changes in this game.

One of them is a professional Mobile Legends player, namely Udil.

The guy who is a member of the Alter Ego Esports team complained about the Mobile Legends update this time there were many bugs.

Udil shared his opinion on this in his Instagram story on his personal account @udilsurbakti.

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By posting a screenshot of the info from the Mobile Legends update on the App Store, Udil also wrote the sentence:

Mobile Legends has a lot of bugs now. Please postpone the MPL because it is not ready yet.

In addition, this guy from Bandung also wrote again on the same Instagram Story, “Don’t hold MPL this week please, lots of bugs cooooo.”

Udil's Instagram story regarding the bug in the new Mobile Legends update


Udil’s Instagram story regarding the bug in the new Mobile Legends update

Udil’s writing was punctuated by the word laughter behind it.

However, this is only Udil’s opinion which can be said not to be serious.

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The news about Udil’s opinion was also uploaded on Instagram @emak_moba.

Mobile Legends fans also shared their opinion about the bugs that came after the game was updated to a new version.

“MLBB: MOBA LAG LOTS OF BUGS, NO DEBATE VALID!!! PING JUMPING CONTINUES WOI AFTER THIS UPDATE,” wrote one netizen with the account @syahrulghufroniramadhan in the comment column @emak_moba.

Not only that, an Instagram account named @sofaadiyat_ also complained about the bug from the new Mobile Legends update.

“Yes, a lot, crashes often, frame drops, if war crashes very often, it crashes, whether it’s a potato cellphone or really from MLBB,” he wrote.

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Duh, GridGames can only hope that this bug problem can be resolved soon and MPL continues to run smoothly, huh!


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