Mobile Legends Presents Patch 1.5.20 Who are the weakened heroes on October 12, 2022?

Mobile Legends Presents Patch 1.5.20 Who are the weakened heroes on October 12, 2022?

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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Patch 1.5.20 October 12, 2022. Which hero will be weakened? Mobile Legends Professional League (MPL) Moonton has announced a new patch ahead of the Indonesian Season 6 playoffs.

Patch 1.5.20 is officially available. Original server Mobile Legends does some weakening and buffing on certain heroes. The list is as follows:

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Hero buff


The basic damage of Ultimate Alice, which was originally 120-180, 140-180 (Scaling according to level).Then you will have 60-100 which one you need at first 50-100..

Nerv Hero

1. Harried

Khaleed’s first skill increases damage from 120% 110%Not only that, the cooldown starts from 5.5-4 seconds 6.5-4 Seconds.

2. Cecilion

delete Movement speed when skill 1 is executed.

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3. Chang Change

Chang'e Mobile Legends

Skill 2 base shield from 400-650 300-500, Magic bonus from 120% 150%. Ultimate Chang’e reduced base damage from 60 to 100. 50-80, Then the magic bonus starts from 25% 30%..

4. Ruby

Base HP from 2659 2509Physical defense reduced from 23 18 Magic defense also from 10 Five..

5. Miya

Miya’s base attack has been reduced from 115 to 100, and the final cooldown has been extended from 38-26 seconds to 46-26 seconds.

There is also Lapu-Lapu rev ​​revamp However, this is not yet the case on the original server.New hero Brody Also, it seems that Lapu-Lapu and Brody have been improved, although they are not yet available on the original server. October 16, 2022..

Besides Lapulapu Remodel Clint Some people get sick due to skill changes. This patch also fixes an issue where Wan Wan, who was originally critical from Wan Wan, couldn’t get out and can get out again.

Will the presence of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang 1.5.20 patch on October 12, 2022 change the gameplay of the MPL ID Season 6 Playoffs later?

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