Mobile Legends Announces Soon to Release King of Fighters Season 3 Skin

Mobile Legends announces KOF season 3 skin


Mobile Legends announces KOF season 3 skin

GridGames.ID – After presenting two seasons of the King of Fighter (KOF) themed skin, now Mobile Legends has announced that it will present a third season for this series skin.

However, there is something slightly different for the third season where this limited and exclusive KOF skin can be obtained during the campaign period only.

In line with this period, various activities are held to provide content
interesting for Mobile Legends players.

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First, there is a Cosplay Skin MLBB X KOF competition, Season 1 or Season 2 with a total prize of Rp 12 million plus a KOF skin which will be held from 20 July to 5 August.

To take part in the Cosplay competition, all you have to do is post a Cosplay photo on your Instagram account or
Facebook with the hashtags #MLBBKOFReturn and #MLBBKOFReturnCosplay included.

The announcement of the top 3 Cosplay competitions will be announced on August 10, 2022.

After cosplay, there will be a KOF x MPL pre-season held on August 8-9 where 8 teams from MPL will compete 3v3 and decide which team will emerge as the King of Fighters.

This activity is also an opportunity to introduce a new roster who has just joined the team.

Finally, there was a Fun Match between KOL 3v3 on August 15, 2022, which included AK Gaming, Miss Berlian, Edo Twins, Oura, and many more.

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