Mobile Legends 2022 Legend Rank and above 5 strongest heroes SPIN e-sports version!

Introducing the 5 strongest heroes of the Mobile Legends 2022 rank, SPIN Esports version and above!

Especially for those of you who are confused about using heroes when playing Mobile Legends and banning OP heroes when ranked.

Here, SPIN Esports offers five of the strongest heroes in Mobile Legends at the moment. It can be used or prohibited when playing ranks, especially above Legend Rank. something? Read this article to the end!

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Brody ml Mobile Legends

The first hero is a very terrible Brody from the beginning to the end of the game. Damage is quite fatal with just a basic attack.

Thanks to Brody’s high damage, Brody can even be said to be the marksman hero Aldus.


Nu Skin West ml 2022

The second hero is Barats. This one hero is really terrible in the game, especially in big mode where he can kill enemies with just a few attacks.

Despite being weakened yesterday, Barats is one of the strongest heroes in 18 Mobile Legends this season.


Hero counter Benedetta ml

Then there is Benedetta. Heroes who rely on agility are very difficult to fight, especially if the user can play Benedetta well with their dominant hand.

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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Strongest Hero

Natalia is also one of the strongest heroes in Mobile Legends at the moment. Thanks to the high damage in the early stages, you can easily and quickly defeat the core hero.

Later in the game, his abilities will increase significantly and he can kill the core or support the hero alone very easily.

Jaw head

Lucky Spin Joe Head Trick

The last one is Joe Head. This one hero currently has a very high amount of damage from the first skill.

Whether he’s a tank hero or a fighter, Joe Head is really deadly.

These are the MLBB 2022 version of SPIN Esports, especially the 5 strongest heroes of Legend Rank and above.

Must remember The above heroes are really only recommended as all heroes are strong as long as they can be used successfully by the user or wearer.

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