Mobile Legends 2022 leaked new hero, named Brody, a unique skill!

Recently, Indonesian Mobile Legends players have talked about the introduction of a new hero in a game named Brody.

Brody himself has almost the same face as Bruno, but this hero looks very different from Bruno.

Brody is blue because he has supernatural powers in his right hand. And with his right hand he can turn on power while in the land of dawn.

Does this spinner about Brody’s hero really sound overwhelming? In this regard, Brody himself is currently in the Advanced Server Mobile Legends.

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Brody Marksman

He’s still in the tuning and testing stage on the server, and if it’s appropriate later and this hero is bug-free, Brody is ready to be released on the original Mobile Legends server.

In that regard, Brody himself has a role as an archer and will pose a great threat to other archer heroes.

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He has very unique skills when fighting and has different skills than most marksman heroes, but his fighting style is like an assassin hero.

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What do spinners think of the new mobile legend hero from the shooter in this role? Can he easily join the metagame?

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