Mobile Games and Disability Friendly Design

Disability Friendly? Are Games and E-sports Really For Everyone?

The more advanced technological developments in gaming and E-sports make mobile games more popular. Because it is considered practical and fun to fill spare time. So the question arises, is it true that mobile games are suitable for all people, including people with disabilities?

In making a game, the design is also in accordance with the comfort for the users. This includes people with visual and sensory disabilities with the aim of being Disability Friendly. The most likely blind disabilities are; Color blindness and low vision (Low Vision) certainly require special designs such as contrasting color combinations, not too many gradations, and large buttons. while for sensory disabilities such as deafness, game design will be needed that supports writing on voiced narration. An example is the Colorblind filter in the game.

Colorblind filters
Color blind filters

Mobile Games That Do Not Support Disability Friendly Features

Although not all game designs meet this need, some games have published options in the interface menu for those with special needs. However, this option is limited to the capabilities of the device you have, so PC games are considered more qualified to meet the needs of players with disabilities. In fact, mobile games have actually become the most popular choice for people with disabilities because they are considered practical and easily accessible anywhere for everyone.

Mobile Games and Disability Friendly Design

Therefore, in the future, Mobile Games are expected to pay attention to access values ​​for users with disabilities. One of them is the color filter mode for people with color blindness, zoom mode for users with low vision and also dialogue in the form of writing on each narration in the game. This expectation will be fulfilled properly if people with disabilities are directly involved in the design or during the research for the development of these games.


Our Hope, Esports For All

With the fulfillment of these needs, it is hoped that mobile games can be enjoyed by all users from various circles. Including persons with disabilities. So with this we can predict that Mobile Games and E-Sports are really for all people.

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