Mobile Arena Hero Spotlight : ZANIS -The Dragon –

Hi Challengers! Welcome to the hero spotlight Mobile Arena featuring Zanis -The Dragoon-Zanis is a warrior type hero, a close range fighter. Unlike other warriors who tend to prioritize defense when fighting against enemy heroes, Zanis’s offensive and strong skill is able to make him attack enemy heroes quickly.> Top up:> Download: https://moba> Website:> Instagram:> Youtube: https:// /

Posted by Garena Mobile Arena Indonesia on June 7, 2022

ZANIS the Dragon

Zanis’ greatest achievement is undoubtedly. A bold attempt to save the life of the emperor’s successor.

From then on, the people on the slopes of Chang-Pan prided themselves on coming from the same area as Zanis, the most revered legendary Dragon known by all and respected by many. Even the invincible Peerles Guardian Lord, Lü Bu, paid his respects to Zanis. “The spear swings like a dragon: furious and graceful. True fear was reflected in his enemy’s eyes as they faced the spear in action. His combat prowess and tactical surveillance are undeniable to his own greatest enemies.

Mobile Arena Hero Spotlight : ZANIS -The Dragon -

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