ML Hero Specialty Meaning: Crowd Control, Reap, Charge to Initiator

Hero ML Crowd Control Reap Charge Initiator Specialties

Specialty or hero specialty is a special type of skill that is mastered by the hero. There are different types of specializations, namely regeneration, crowd control, harvest, charge, strike, damage, blast damage, poke, and initiator. Here’s an explanation of the specialty of every hero in Mobile Legends.


The regeneration specialty enables heroes to regenerate their own HP, even on the battlefield it is also possible to regenerate a team’s HP. These heroes have a higher chance of survival, especially in team fights. Most of these specialties include tank and support heroes.

Examples of hero specialists rain: Uranus, Estes, Rafaela, Angela, Hilda

Crowd control (CC)

This specialty is awarded to heroes with abilities that can cause movement disorders in opposing heroes, such as: Most of these specialties belong to tanks, fighters, mages, and support.

Examples of heroes with crowd control specialties: Lolita, Kufra, Ruby, Aurora, Altas, and Akai

To harvest

Reap is a specialty for heroes who have the ability to continuously deal damage that can kill enemies quickly. Most shooters have this specialty because it can cause constant damage in team fights.

Examples of heroes with harvest specialties: Bruno, Karrie, Thamuz, Chang’e, Hanabi and Irithel


This specialty is given to heroes with blink skills such as diving, jumping, teleporting, or sprinting. This skill is very useful for starting a team fight or catching enemy heroes.

Examples of heroes with attack specialties: Chou, Jawhead, Saber, Lancelot, Gusion and Kaja

to press

This specialty will help kill creeps or minions more easily and will also push the tower faster. Because this push hero can inflict a lot of damage on the tower compared to heroes without this specialty.

Examples of heroes with a special boost: Masha, Bane, Sun, Moskov, Popol and Kupa and Zhask


This specialty allows the hero to deal a wide variety of low to medium damage over a long period of time. Special damage is good for distracting the enemy or gradually reducing the opponent’s HP. This specialty is very much superior to laning in the early game, where every hero exchanges attacks.

Examples of heroes with special damage: Kimmy, Gord, Lunox, Masha and Pharsa

Explosion damage

This specialty allows a hero to deal a wide range of medium to high damage in a short period of time. These specialties are great for ganking enemies as they can take out enemy heroes in a snap. Usually this specialty is owned by mages and assassins.

This particular hero is great for fighting enemy heroes who have less HP, as heroes with skills are able to quickly kill enemies with low HP in a short amount of time.

Examples of heroes with special force: Gussion, X.Borg, Claude, Aurora, Aldous, Helcurt, Badang, Guinevere


The specialty of the poke allows the hero to suppress enemies with ranged attacks that deal high damage and make them retreat from lane. This specialty is mainly owned by hero mages.

Examples of heroes with special pokes: Lylia, Cecilion, Nana, Chang’e, Pharsa and Gord


This specialty includes heroes with open warfare skills with strong multi-target skills. Usually this initiator specialty belongs to tank and battle heroes.

Examples of heroes with initiator specialties: Akai, Atlas, Johnson, Kufra, Tigreal and Silvanna.

So that’s an explanation of some of the hero specialties in Mobile Legends in general, starting with Rain, Crowd Control, Harvesting, Rushing, Poking, Damage, Burst, Poking, and Initiator. Okay, that’s it for this short article and I hope it’s useful.

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