Missed One Game Against Alter Ego, Here’s the Reason RRQ Clayyy

After winning a fierce battle against Alter Ego on Saturday night (2/4), RRQ Hoshi sent Clayyy to post-match interview and talk about an interesting thing or two.

In this match, RRQ Hoshi had received defeat at games His first was against the Alter Ego. What caused RRQ Hoshi to miss? games the first one according to Clayyy?

“There are two factors. Actually because he’s different roster also, one more we are lacking ready anyway,” said RRQ Clayyy.

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The first factor, namely regarding the differences roster what Clayyy meant, was referring to his opponent’s camp. As you can notice at their meeting this time, Alter Ego has added LeoMurphy to the lineup roster-his. It replaces the slot that was filled by AE Rasy previously.

AE LeoMurphy, previously was roster main MPL ID Alter Ego. However, he had to go down to MDL ID season this and play for Alter Ego X there. Then, over first half MPL ID S9, a good news came for him and LeoMurphy was again asked to represent Alter Ego in the tournament tier 1 such.

In an interview with media partner MPL, RRQ Clayyy admitted that his meeting with LeoMurphy against Alter Ego on Saturday night was different. He said that he felt LeoMurphy’s game was not as aggressive as before. However, it is also possible that his teammate (RRQ Hoshi) is better.

If you missed it, yesterday’s MPL ID S9 W7D2 RRQ Hoshi was surprised by the Alter Ego game. Compared to the meeting at leg 1 which they won without reply, this time RRQ Hoshi even missed games first. Even so, his team still showed that they were indeed the ‘king of kings’.

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