Ministry of PUPR: Ordering hygienic street vendors can be a model for Jakarta

LIMAPAGI – The Ministry of Public Works for Public Housing (PUPR) through the General Directorate of Settlements has organized Hygienic Street Vendors (PKL) located behind the PUPR Ministry building on Jalan Raden Patah, South Jakarta.

The establishment of the Hygienic PKL began on October 12, 2022 with the completion target of June 8, 2022. The work, with a budget of IDR 22.2 billion, was carried out by contractor PT Ganiko Adiperkasa, supervisory advisor PT Sava Bintang Padang and planning advisor for individual experts.

Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) Director General of Settlements Diana Kusumastuti said the construction of the hygienic street vendors was an idea of ​​PUPR Minister Basuki Hadimuljono to provide hygienic dining places for the employees of the Ministry of PUPR, with it they are guaranteed to get clean and healthy food.

“Also, at the same time arranging the place for street vendors to be better and be a role model in Jakarta. This PKL hygienic design is the result of a contest winner among the young officials at the PUPR ministry, “Diana said in a press release on Saturday, May 24, 2022.

The hygienic street vendors are arranged by building street vendors on the street infrastructure so that the function of the pedestrian walkway can be reused as desired. The arrangement began with holding a Hygienic Street Vendor Design Idea Competition in 2022 to get concept ideas that can be applied on site.

The total area of ​​this Hygienic PKL system is 1,652.57 m3, which is divided into three areas. The northern area starts from the Bina Marga Gate to the Raden Patah Gate with a length of 126 meters and an area of ​​717.01 meters, a 46-meter bridge with an area of ​​92.97 m2 and the southern area from the Raden-Patah-Tor to the Water Resources Gate at 156 meters with an area of ​​842.59 meters. The current overall physical progress reached 57.57 percent.

The scope of this arrangement work includes preparatory work, bored pile foundation work, substructure work, superstructure work, architectural work as well as mechanical, electrical and sanitary work (MEP). Later, after this arrangement is completed, 69 vendors will occupy the units that have been provided at this hygienic street vendor.

The arrangement of hygienic street vendors is not only intended to improve the aesthetics, comfort and cleanliness of the culinary area. However, it can also increase the income of street vendors who fall into the micro, small and medium-sized enterprise (MSME) category.

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