Minister of Home Affairs Tjahjo Not True Rpjm Village will be deleted

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Of course, his party in revising or canceling the rules, cannot be unilateral. Will be studied in depth involving many related parties. This includes village regulations that will be revised. The Director General of Village Community Empowerment will certainly have a dialogue first with various parties such as the Ministry of Finance, Bappenas, Ministry of Villages and related parties. So there is a comprehensive input.

‚ÄúThat is the beginning of the Bappenas proposal. We will certainly be careful and of course will collect a lot of comprehensive feedback beforehand. And 51 Permendagri which has been revoked or revised, it is not yet classified as Permendagri concerning villages. If I’m not mistaken, I will mention 52, of which 50 are already and the other is a matter of research,” said Tjahjo.

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