Minecraft Now Officially Has 112 Million Active Players Every Month, Kudos!

The official Minecraft game has 112 million active players

The official Minecraft game has 112 million active players

GridGames.id – Who doesn’t know the game Minecraft?

This creative game with the main activity of building has been known for many years.

Now, there are 112 million active players playing Minecraft every month.

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This Microsoft game is even working with NVIDIA to bring more beautiful graphics for Minecraft.

For 10 years, the game Minecraft has quietly had a player base that is increasing every year.

Quoting Business Insider, the second week of September 2022, Minecraft officially recorded 112 million active players every month.

The last official record was announced by Microsoft in October 2022 yesterday with the number of 100 million active players every month.

This means, one year later, there is an increase of 20 million active players per month.

This amount is obtained from the Minecraft game on various platforms such as PC, Mobile, to game consoles.

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To remind, Microsoft bought this game in 2014 ago at a price of $ 2.5 billion or around Rp. 35 trillion.

The figure was certainly very surprising at the time.

However, if you look at Minecraft’s current record in retrospect, it seems that Microsoft’s costs are well worth it.

Head of Minecraft Studio, Helen Chiang revealed, after being acquired by Microsoft, over the last 5 years the number of active Minecraft players has experienced a significant increase.

Congratulations, Minecraft!


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