Mindkeeper: The Lurking Fear, A Horror Game That Can Be Played on iWatch

GridGames.ID – It seems that indie games have become a special interest for gamers in the world.

Indie games themselves are anti-mainstream games, meaning that they are different from the others in several ways.

Mindkeeper: The Lurking Fear is a Lovecraftian Horror adventure game.

You will play the role of a detective to investigate a mansion infested with monsters.

You will often find horror and puzzles in this game.

This game is inspired by HP Lovecraft Horror, The Lurking Fear.

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It was adapted into a film that was released direct to DVD in 1994.

Unfortunately, the film was not very liked because it seemed the plot was less touching for a horror film class.

Abylight Studios, as the developer of this game seems to be implementing new things to make it look better.


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