Mihoyo threatening! Many Genshin Impact players will be hacked!

This is proof that Mihoyo was threatened and many Genshin Impact players were hacked!

No one in the online world likes hackers, whether it’s games or work.

Hacking is one of the prohibited actions that harms many people due to data acquisition or other malicious things.

In games, player account hacks often occur when the security of the gaming system is easily breached by a hacker.

One of the things that is happening now Genshin Impact We are reportedly facing a downturn in our security system.

As a result, many player accounts have also been reported to have been hacked. not only that, Mihoyo It also poses a threat to enhance security.

Genshin Impact Hacking, Mihoyo Threatening!

Use mihoyo forum website, Those who have an account Digitizer Currently, we are spreading the fact that many Genshin Impact player accounts have been hacked.

This is evidenced by a photo showing the number of hacked player accounts.

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Source: Mihoyo Forum

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Seeing this happening, Mihoyo has not yet provided clarity or answers regarding this massive hacking incident.

Therefore, it is not yet known why and how this could suddenly attack Mihoyo. November 1, 2022 yesterday.

Therefore, the thread author advises all Genshin Impact players: Please change your account password as soon as possible.

This is done to reduce the number of accounts that will be hacked in the future and to protect your personal data.

The threat is also XDarkWolfX Certainly the person who made the statement through the Mihoyo forum addressed to the developers of Genshin Impact.

Source: Mihoyo Forum

The content of his remark is more or less “Mihoyo will be given 12 hours to improve the security of your website. Otherwise, hackers will arrive. You were remembered. Likes from this thread have also been hacked and that’s just the beginning. ”

Now, everyone, Genshin Impact players, do you believe in the thread above? If you do, follow the suggestions above to exchange passwords quickly!

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