Mihoyo Rumored To Launch Genshin Impact Update Every 6 Weeks

GridGames.ID – The latest rumors from the Genshin Impact community say that miHoYo has plans roadmap next 10 years.

In this roadmap, miHoYo is said to be releasing updates every 6 weeks for the next 10 years.

Launching from Dualshockers.com, the huge profits and popularity of Genshin Impact make game developers dare to release regular updates every 6 weeks.

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In more detail, this miHoYo raodmap rumor comes from Arkywzx who are members of the Genshin Impact Wengsheng Funeral Parlor community on Discord.

This community can be a credible source of information related to the leaked game Genshin Impact.

So far, this community has a pretty good track record in predicting Genshin Impact updates.

If this rumor is true, what’s interesting for us to wait for is how miHoYo is able to produce game content that can support Genshin Impact.

Given that 10 years is a long and challenging time for game developers to maintain the existence of their games.

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