Might & Magic: Chess Royale, Ubisoft’s Auto Chess Game Has Been Released

Might & Magic, AutoChess Game From Ubisoft


Might & Magic, AutoChess Game From Ubisoft

GridGames.ID – Games with the Auto Chess genre are now indeed one of the games with the most players today.

Ubisoft this time released the game Might & Magic: Chess Royale with the Auto Chess genre combined with Battle Royale.

In terms of gameplay, this game can include up to 100 Auto Chess players who are in the fantasy world of Might & Magic.

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This game seems to be a mix of unique and interesting game mechanics from two very popular genres.

With features that are not much different from Auto Chess in general, this game still seems to provide other better features.

Chess Royale seems to maintain simplicity in playing Auto Chess by presenting matches in 10 minutes.

In terms of graphics, Ubisoft has never played around in developing games, it can be seen from the game trailer which shows that small details can be seen.

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