Microsoft Flight Simulator Can Install Free Mods, Here’s How!

GridGames.ID – It seems that the Microsoft Flight Simulator game has no end to discuss, guys.

This is because the game, which recently came out, now has many new planes, liveries (skins), to mods that are starting to appear.

Although there is a place to buy mods in this game, there are also many free mods that you can use to spice up the gameplay.

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Reporting from PC Gamer, here’s how to install mods in the Microsoft Flight Simulator game:

1. Find the “Community” Folder

Microsoft Flight Simulator


Microsoft Flight Simulator

The first thing you do is look for a folder with the name “Community” in the installation location of this game package.

You can find it easily if you install Microsoft Flight Simulator in the recommended default location.

This folder can be different if you change the installation location of this game.

If you have trouble finding the location of this folder, it’s easy.

The trick, you just look for the MFS game icon then right click and select details, here you can see the location to install the MFS game.

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