MIA Online Releases New Servers and Cross-Server War Features

GridGames.ID – MIA Online is ready to be played this year in regions around the world as revealed by Cubinet, a member of the 7 Senses Group.

This 3D open world action MMORPG game can be downloaded on Android and iOS platforms.

Players can fight against other players in Nation War, Guild versus Guild, and real-time PvP battles.

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This game has a new feature that is scheduled to be released also called the Cross-Server War Feature.

With the Cross-Server War Feature, players in different countries can fight each other through Massive Multi-Scale PvP content.

MIA Online Gameplay

MIA Online

MIA Online Gameplay

In addition to these features, MIA Online also has several other features that have been updated to add to the fun of playing, namely:

  • Cloak System
  • Artifact System
  • Mercenary System
  • New God’s Ring (Elf Chapter)
  • New Mounts
  • New Costume Sets

Not only content, some PvE are also updated, namely:


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