Metaco Holds Max Omega Series Tournament Total Prize IDR 50,000,000 is again holding a new tournament with the title MAX Omega Series. The MAX Omega Series tournament will compete Mobile Legends Bang Bang and PUBG Mobile at a time. Two games which is considered capable of representing the ecosystem esports in Indonesia as a whole.

MAX Omega Series registration

MAX Omega Series registration has been opened from October 26, 2022 to November 30, 2022. At the Mobile branch Legends Bang Bang, MAX Omega Series will net 256 teams which will be divided into 4 different qualifiers. Temporary PUBG Mobile will net 1600 teams which will also be divided into 4 different qualifiers.

Qualifying round

The qualifying round will start from November 16, 2022 to December 13, 2022. Meanwhile, the playoffs and grand final It will take place from 19 to 20 December 2022.

MLBB Rewards Scheme

“MAX Valorant can be said to be pilot project us to see the enthusiasm of PC gamers that turned out to be successful. The reason we choose again mobile games because of the demographics of the players esports in Indonesia is still dominated by mobile games. But that doesn’t mean we’re leaving the PC. Later we will certainly re-consider PC games for the next MAX tournament.”

PUBGM Reward Scheme

“In the long term, we hope that MAX can be one of the options for lovers esports in Indonesia by presenting tournaments on a national or even international scale. Our goal is not to compete with major circuits or tournaments in games existing ones, but complement each other’s ecosystem esports in Indonesia so that there will be more standardized tournaments and stimulate the spirit of competition from the participants so that Indonesian esports can become a sustainable ecosystem,” concluded Bram.

The 2022 MAX Omega Series tournament is sponsored by Steelseries and Razer Gold, and supported by NimoTV.

Qualification 1 registration, Mobile Legends (CLOSED): Click here

Mobile Legends Rulebook: Click here

Qualification 1 registration, PUBG Mobile: Click here

PUBG Mobile Rulebook: Click here

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