Meizu m6 4G Android Smartphone Price 1 Million

In this modern era, almost everyone has a smartphone. Especially now that there are many 4G Android smartphone at a price of 1 million. Including smartphones from China that have just been released, namely Meizu m6.

Well, for those of you who don’t know, it turns out that JD.ID is holding a special ‘Flash Sale’ for the Meizu m6 on Saturday Wednesday 02 May 2022 coming lol! The flash sale price is also quite cheap, just Rp.999,000,- don’t worry guys! So, what are the specifications of the Meizu m6 smartphone? Curious right? Come on, just take a look, guys!

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Meizu m6 Cheap Smartphone Price 1 Million with Luxury Design

Well, this time will review what the specifications of the latest Meizu m6 smartphone are. Instead of you getting really curious, it’s better to just take a look, guys..

1. Meizu m6 Smartphone with Slim and Luxury Design

Front View Meizu m6

The first impression when you see and also hold this smartphone looks like it looks luxurious and also very slim, guys. The Meizu m6 smartphone is designed using polycarbonate material with a metallic finish.

In addition, this smartphone also turns out to be combined with classic materials, guys. Thus, giving the impression of luxury, style and of course very comfortable when held.

Imagine this Meizu m6 has a screen as big as 5.2 inches with resolution 720 x 1,280 pixels with contrast 1,000:1 guys. This is what makes the Meizu m6 smartphone appear with such sharp visuals (high definition display).

Meizu m6 . Rear View

Oh yes, Meizu m6 also offers various color variants silver, gold, black and also blue. So, you can choose a color that suits your favorite color, guys.

Well, this Meizu m6 smartphone is also equipped with sensor features Fingerprint which serves to unlock the smartphone using only your fingerprint.

Furthermore, in terms of dimensions, this smartphone has dimensions of approx 148.2 x 72.8 x 8.33 mm weighing approx. 143 grams. So, don’t be surprised when you hold this smartphone, it’s so comfortable! As comfortable as you are with him, eaakk :p

2. Meizu m6 Smartphone ‘Rich’ with Multimedia Features

Meizu m6 Front Camera Results

Talking about the camera, this smartphone has a high-resolution rear camera 13 megapixel with features HDR, Filter, Flash, Time-Lapse, Slow-Motion, Pro Camera, Panorama, Scan and GIF. So, you no longer need to install the Android camera application on this smartphone.

Well, here is an explanation of each of the Meizu m6 rear camera features:

  • Feature HDR This is capable of shooting photos with dynamic lighting so that the resulting photos have brighter and better lighting.
  • Feature Filter This allows you to add filters to the resulting photo. So, it looks even more interesting, guys.
  • Feature Flash On the camera, it’s certain to take photos with dark or less bright lighting. So, the photos can be seen more clearly with the additional light.
  • Feature Time-Lapse This function is to take videos that are quite long but the video results can be accelerated with just one click.
  • Feature Slow-Motion which serves to take slow videos so as to create really dramatic video results!
  • Feature Pro Camera This serves to take photos like a DSLR camera, guys. Well, you can set Exposure Time, ISO, Manual, Exposure Compensation, Saturation, Contrast and White Balance.
  • Feature Panorama functions to take wide and elongated photos. The way this feature works is by combining several photos into one.
  • Feature Scan, Now! Don’t get me wrong, yes, this feature is not for scanning images into PDF files. However, it functions to scan QR Codes or Barcodes to go directly to a particular link or site.
  • Feature GIF This function is to produce animated photos by recording an object.

Meizu m6 Front Camera Photo Results

Furthermore, on the front camera of the Meizu m6 smartphone, the resolution is 8 megapixel and of course equipped with Filter, Beauty and Pro Camera features. The photos produced on the front camera are also quite clear, guys, even if you are in a room with less lighting.

Well, here is an explanation of each of the Meizu m6 front camera features:

  • Feature Filter the same as the front camera, serves to add filters to the resulting photo. So, it looks even more interesting, guys.
  • Feature Beauty serves to take selfie photos with photos that are quite clear and beautify without reducing the sharpness. Well, the level of beauty is from 1 to 5 guys. This makes the Meizu m6 one of the smartphones with the best front camera, guys!
  • Feature Pro Camera It has almost the same function as the front camera, which is to take photos like a professional photographer. Well, you can set Exposure Time, ISO, Manual, Exposure Compensation, Saturation, Contrast and White Balance.

Well, in this case, you don’t need to use the selfie camera application on Android anymore. After all, the front camera of the Meizu m6 smartphone can produce the most beautiful selfie photos!

3. Meizu m6 Smartphone with Large Battery Capacity

Play Mobile Legends Games on Meizu m6

Don’t you know? If the Meizu m6 smartphone has a battery capacity of 3,070 mAh. Wow! It looks like the Meizu m6 is one of the smartphones with the strongest battery power, guys.

Well, the Meizu m6 processor uses a processor Octa-Core with 2GB RAM and storage of 16GB and can be added to microSD storage up to 256GB.

Furthermore, this Meizu m6 smartphone uses a customized operating system, guys. Because, this Meizu m6 uses Flyme OS, which allows you to update without having to do root.

The following are the specifications of the Meizu m6 smartphone

Type Meizu m6
CPU Octa-Core
Screen 5.2 inches (720 x 1,280 pixels)
Network 3G and 4G
Rear Camera 13 Megapixel
Front camera 8 Megapixel
Operating system Android 7.0 (Nougat, Flyme OS)
Internal Memory 16GB
More Features Fingerprint
Color Choice Silver, Gold, Black and Blue
Price Rp1.199,000,-

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