MDL Season 2 Has Started! Come Join Now!

The Mobile Legends Bang Bang Development League (MDL) is finally back after being successfully implemented. After the previous season Victim Esports managed to win this event, now MDL Season 2 has started to pit teams outside MPL again to prove their achievements in this game.

MLBB Development League Background

Starting with commitment Moonton as a developer to continue to develop the e-sports ecosystem in Indonesia, various events have been successfully held where in addition to the MLBB All-Star and the Mobile Legends Player League (MPL), which also received a very good and lively reception, MDL is present as the second league tournament after MPL. , which with the rules that participants are not included in the MPL, their presence has brought variety in the competitive world of Mobile Legends Indonesia.

It doesn’t stop there, because MDL brings players who are not part of MPL, this event itself is a way to find superior seeds that have not been seen before. So that these new players can have the potential to provide diversity to MPL events as well. And that’s why, after the end of season 1 of MDL, many are asking when the second season will be held.

MDL Season 2-01

MDL Season 2

MDL season 2 itself has started on August 10, 2022. With a total of 11 selected teams plus 1 defending champion team, the players will compete in the regular season until September 30, 2022 to compete for prizes totaling USD 20,000, or equivalent to Rp. 300 million. For those who will be able to occupy the top position, of course it will not stop with the end of the regular season, but will continue their fight in the Playoffs which will last for 3 days from 9 to 11 October 2022.

Old and New Heroes

Talking about the winner, it will be difficult to predict the results of this tournament, the same as in the previous season. With many parties predicting that there will be 5 teams that have the possibility to become amazing contenders in MDL Season 2, names such as XCN BKB, RRQ Sena, Geek Fam Jr., Siren Esports, and Bigetron Bravo are the ones that get the most mention. when talking about these unexpected potentials. But of course, this MDL season 2 will not escape the expectations of the defending champion, Victim Esports. With the emergence of new talents that threaten their existence, of course it will be very interesting to see how their strategy is in defending the title.

And that’s him Mobidachi, make sure you keep up with this big game. With so many new faces who have the potential to win big, who knows you might witness the birth of a future great champion. See you in the next article.

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