MDL S3 Week 5 Day 4: Defeat RRQ Sena, Alter Ego Displaces EVOS Icon

Alter Ego X Roster in MDL Season 3.


Alter Ego X Roster in MDL Season 3.

GridGames.ID – The tight competition at the top of the MDL Season 3 standings in the fifth week was closed with the victory of Alter Ego X.

Guava and his friends managed to beat RRQ Sena with a convincing score of 2-0.

Since game 1, Alter Ego has dominated the game.

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They managed to win with the acquisition of points 14-9 in 21 minutes.

Roster Alter Ego, Claraaaa who uses Karrie has been named MVP game 1.

He successfully recorded 7 kills and 4 assists with a KDA average of 3.7.

MDL Season 3 Week 5 Day 4 results.


MDL Season 3 Week 5 Day 4 results.

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In game 2, RRQ also can’t do much. In fact, this time they were forced to lose in a faster time.

Only 13 minutes, Alter Ego successfully finished the resistance RRQ Sena with 15-4 points.


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