MDL S3 Week 4 Day 1: Siren Esports Pastes EVOS Icon at the Top of the Standings

Siren Esports roster at MDL Season 3.


Siren Esports roster at MDL Season 3.

GridGames.ID – MLBB Development League (MDL) Season 3 week 4 has finally started.

Previously, the second tier Mobile Legends tournament in Indonesia was postponed due to patch adjustments.

This is related to patch updates and new seasons released by Mobile Legends.

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On the first day (22/3), several interesting matches were presented.

For example, the duel between debutant teams against top teams between Dewa United Esports vs Siren Esports.

There is also a match between Genflix Aerowolf JR against Bigetron Bravo.

MDL S3 Week 4 Day 1 results.


MDL S3 Week 4 Day 1 results.

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One thing that is quite a concern is that all the results of the match ended with the same score, namely 2-0.


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