MDL S3 Week 2 Day 3: Victim Esports Moves EVOS Icon to the Top of the Standings

Victim Esports roster at MDL Season 3.


Victim Esports roster at MDL Season 3.

GridGames.ID – Victim Esports took over the top of the MLBB Development League (MDL) Season 3 standings in the second week of the third day, Wednesday (3/3).

They managed to overthrow the debutant team, Kings Esports with a thin score of 2-1.

Kings Esports actually have a chance to win the match. Because they have secured game 1 first.

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Within 20 minutes, Kings Esports defeated Victim Esports with 14-9 points.

Newt who used Benedetta was lined up as MVP after recording 6 kills and 3 assists without dying.

But unfortunately, entering game 2, Kings Esports slack. Victim Esports also uses this.

MDL S3 Week 2 Day 3 results.


MDL S3 Week 2 Day 3 results.

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They managed to beat Kings Esports with 20-2 points in just 11 minutes.

Xinthink became MVP in game 2. Using Khaleed, he managed to record 7 kills and 7 assists without dying.


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