MDL S3 Week 1 Day 4: RRQ Sena Moves EVOS Icon to the Top of the Standings

RRQ Sena's roster at MDL Season 3.


RRQ Sena’s roster at MDL Season 3.

GridGames.ID – RRQ Sena has finally succeeded in shifting EVOS Icon from the throne of the MLBB Development League (MDL) Season 3.

Warlord and friends won easily over XCN West Bandits with a convincing 2-0 score.

The signs of RRQ Sena’s victory have been smelled since the beginning of the game.

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The first game went limp, RRQ Sena completely controlled the game.

They also only needed 12 minutes to lock the victory with 18-7 points.

Xoxo who used Zhask was named MVP after recording 5 kills and 3 assists.

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XCN still seems to have difficulty keeping up with RRQ Sena’s game in the second game.

The reason is, the situation that occurs is not much different from the previous game.


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