MDL ID Three heroes often banned in Season 1

MDL Indonesia Three Heroes Often Banned in Season 1! Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MDL) Indonesia will enter Season 2 on August 10, 2022. This event is Indonesia’s leading e-sports organization Moonton’s official tournament to develop the potential of mobile legend players who want to build a career in the professional world with.

Nostalgia for MDL Indonesia Season 1 was won by Victim Esports, who performed well during the tournament. They managed to pave the way for the Grand Final Round, and Recca Esports tried to challenge Victim Esports. However, Victim Esports won the final match against Recca Esports with a score of 3-2, winning MDL Indonesia Season 1.

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MDL Indonesia Season 1 will certainly have many heroes for the team to choose from. There are also several teams that make up one of the key strategic heroes. However, if there are well-chosen heroes, some are often banned in MDL Indonesia Season 1.

1. Serena

Serena is the hero most often banned by the MDL Indonesia Season 1 team (56% win rate on 108 tires). Not surprisingly, Serena is one of the scariest heroes to support Gank.

2. Glock

This hero vehicle was banned 105 times with a winning percentage of 56%. Grock is one of the most dangerous tank heroes, with the ability to block enemies and make knockups suitable for being at the beginning or during a war.

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3. Phosphorus

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The last is META Hyper Carry’s popular hero, the 93-tire Ling, with a 52% win rate. Rin is a dangerous hero assassin who aims at the back of the team and has a high escape ability.

These are the three heroes often banned in MDL Indonesia Season 1. website Get the latest news about eSports and follow Facebook we!

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