MDL ID 10 of the most brilliant MDL players in Season 2!

10 of the most brilliant MDL players in MDL ID Season 2! Mobile Legends Development League (MDL) Indonesia Season 2 Tournament has entered its fourth week this week.

MDL itself is Moonton’s official tournament and the only tournament in Indonesia. MDL aims to develop young talent and may also develop a professional career at Mobile Legends.

For example, the pro players who won MDL ID Season 1 are Rembo and Sands. The two players who were key to Victim Esports winning MDL ID Season 1 were hired by Bigetron Alpha (Renbo) and ONIC Esports (Sanz) to participate in the MPL.

MDL ID Season 2 also has a lot of brilliant players, especially from the 1st to the 3rd week, but who are you interested in? Here is the list.

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MDL ID Season 2 Tattoo and Earring Rules by Moonton
Via photo: MDL Indonesia

10 Shining MDL Players

1. Bucank – XCN BKB

Bucank has an XCN BKB roll tank. As a tank, this player’s start is very good. Especially if you are using the hero Kufra, it can have a fatal effect on your enemies.

2. Barbie – XCN BKB

With the XCN BKB player as it is, Barbie of Hyper Carry has appeared this time. His expertise in using Roger and the Falcon BARBIE is very good.

3. SIR Ft Lans – XCN BKB

The XCN BKB was not one of the top three controlled by this team as it showed exceptional performance in the third week. SIR Ft Lans masters Lunox, Esmeralda and Chang’e and is a dangerous core.

4. SamoHt – Siren Esports

The player brilliantly brilliantly brought Siren Esports to his first victory. The use of SamoHt heroes Chou and Akai tanks is one of the best in MDL.

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5. AzeR – Siren Esports

10 Player MDL ID Season 2
Via photo: Moonton

The appearance of AzeR is certainly the key to picking up from the Siren team, and can even aggressively kidnap enemy players one after another. The operation of slashing minions and the invasion of the jungle are important missions of AzeR.

6. JeYy – Siren Esports

JeYy is a dangerous mage in MDL. Because the pressure he puts on is very high from the beginning to the middle of the game.

7. Altamiz – Siren Esports

The popular hypercarry strategy applies to teams, including Siren Esports. And Altamizu is a player trusted to play the most important role.

8. Speechless – Victims’ esports

Another marksman, Speechless, has caught the attention of non-MPL teams. This one player was just brought by the Victim team, and his arrival is surprising given that Victim is the winning team.

9. Saanji – Victims esports

SaanJi played really well through Akai and Chou. Play very carefully, but rarely kidnap and present the beginning of a beautiful war. In fact, Akai’s hurricane dance was used in the zoning-out operation.

10. Fabiens – Victims’ esports

A prominent mage, Fabian was able to live up to his expectations as a former EVOS Esports and Bigetron PK player. The player also had time to liven up the MPL title in the previous season.

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