MCU Masterplan Turns Out to be a Myth, There’s No Definite Plan

MCU master plan, which is often the subject of discussion by fans, turns out to be just a myth. General assumptions in the discussion master plan The statement mentions that the MCU has fully planned everything they will prepare for the upcoming film.

While such a view is understandable, sadly it is completely wrong. Like a movie franchise Either way, the MCU comes in context pop culture which is always changing with producers, directors, writers and production teams having the freedom to adapt to changes in that context.

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At the recent Sands International Film Festival, co-director of Avengers: Endgame Joe Russo discusses how Marvel Studios lacks planning for the future of the MCU.

There, he was asked if he and Anthony Russo were forced to include Spider-Man and Black Panther in the Captain America: Civil War for future projects.

In response, the director explained that there was “no plan,” because if “(their) film failed” then all plans would change:

No, the way things work at Marvel is… I’m sure at some point someone will talk about this in detail, but part of the brilliance of Kevin (Feige) is that there really wasn’t a plan. The idea is there, but you can’t continue if your (previous) movie fails. There are no plans after that, right?”

Russo went on to explain how the enthusiasm after the success of a film would make them start to consider what else they could do,

So it’s really about, when the film is successful, then there’s a kind of enthusiasm about, ‘What else can we do?’ And that’s when new ideas will come out, right?”

Russo also asserts that many references to the past or future are only thought of after what happened. The director cites the story of Bucky killing Tony Stark’s parents as an example.

If you miss it, Captain America: The Winter Soldier teases news of Howard Stark’s death in Captain America and Black Widow’s encounter with Zola.

Howard stark dead

Russo said that the idea for Civil war only appeared after the film was released. By using easter egg the obituary, Russo gave Tony Stark the strongest reason to fight Steve Rogers in Civil warnamely the fact that it was Captain America’s best friend who killed Stark’s parents.

Russo also explained how “adding ideas” after the fact that happened was Marvel’s secret “spice” and nothing was planned,

So we added these never-before-seen ideas and it was all part of the fun. But I think, in many ways it’s Marvel’s secret spice. It wasn’t planned.”

So Is Kevin Feige’s MCU Masterplan A Myth?

MCU Master Plan 1

After listening to a director with long experience in the MCU, it seems various twist and the biggest surprises in the MCU weren’t as planned as fans thought.

It makes perfect sense to plan where a film is going to go next, after seeing the audience’s reaction, instead of sticking to the plan and forcing a failed project.

It was also not that Feige didn’t know where he was headed. The president of Marvel Studios must have roadmap specifically for the project he wanted to create and the story he wanted to tell. However, whether or not a certain story is presented, requires timing right.

The Russo brothers have already leaked that they are still in discussions to return to direct Marvel in the future. For now, you can enjoy their entire existing MCU portfolio (The Winter Soldier, Civil War, Infinity War, and Endgame) on Disney+.

Meanwhile, Marvel just released Moon Knight who have got merchandise exclusive, released the first trailer Ms. Marveland announced the Nova project.

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