Maximum Limit of Posting Blog Articles Per Day

  On several occasions, the question for bloggers is how much is the maximum number of blog posts per day?

On several occasions, the question for Bloggers is how many articles can be posted in one full day.

This concern also continues as they fret if too much leads to execution from Google.

If too little will also have an impact on the slow development of the blog in terms of popularity and visitors. As the admin from was worried about.

So what is the maximum limit for posting blog articles per day? This is true when compared to those who use a self-hosted blog or SelfHosted. On the Blogger or blogspot platform, a maximum limit of posts on the blog is applied. So that must be considered is the quality of the content as a whole.

Content on the blog that contains things that violate Google’s Content Policy and Terms of Service will sooner or later be removed. Not only from search engines but also the blog itself. Even without warning or advance notice.

When it comes to content, Google acquired from Pyra Labs in 2003. And they provide this platform for free so they and you can blog and create unique, relevant, easy-to-understand and comprehensive content. Also without having to think about a lot of costs. Plus unlimited storage quota.

In other terms, you are allowed to update articles without a maximum post limit as long as the content contained in them is unique and informative.

So how much should I update articles on the blog per day?

The answer is as much as you can. As long as you still want to add relevant content, Google neither forbids it nor restricts it. There is the term ‘Niche’ on the blog, or in other words the Discussion Topic. Every blog has a different niche, some are the same.

So the more blogs with the same niche, the tougher your competition with other bloggers in search results. Back again, the matter of the frequency of posting updates per day is all left to your ability and expectations to publish new content. But what you have to remember is that even if you make thousands of articles a day if it is of low quality, it will still be difficult for Googlebot to accept.

  On several occasions, the question for bloggers is how much is the maximum number of blog posts per day?

We ourselves, if we have time, will update at least 1-2 articles per day. And without feeling burdened by anything, writing informative content for readers is also enough and makes a unique impression. Google will like blogs with anti-mainstream criteria when applying to AdSense, will be personally accepted.

Completed the task of updating articles. Usually we don’t publish it personally, but review it first and check what needs to be fixed. Most bloggers personally do Off-page SEO by looking for lots of backlinks from authoritative sites and good traffic.

According to them, the number of backlinks will affect the position of the article in better search results. Even though this is not the case, you must also pay attention to the quality of the link building itself.

Cleverly determine a blog niche that is rarely used by others. So one or two articles a day will occupy the best position if the content is unique. Adjust it to your passion and what you know, share on blogs, make articles, then traffic will increase by itself.

Google’s algorithm will change a blog that diligently posts with quality articles. Usually in 2-3 months, the blog will be determined whether it is steady in a good position, or deployed to the backyard. They do not consider the number of visitors, but the content of the blog, again in the form of content. Yep, because it is what it is: Content is King and gold for a blog!


Updating the blog with fresh and new articles doesn’t have to be a lot. It doesn’t matter in the least, because the main concern is the quality of your content. Not the amount. So adjust according to your abilities.

Don’t ever think that “Many articles, hence many visitors.” not entirely so. If the quality of all or more of the content is dominated by low content, it will be difficult to compete in search results.

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