Mario Kart Tour Celebrates New Year With Interesting Content and Events

GridGames.ID – Nintendo doesn’t seem to be endlessly surprising fans of the Mario Kart Tour title.

The arrival of this series on the mobile platform has indeed provided a bit of experimentation by adding a variety of characters, costumes, tracks, content and seasonal events that have never existed before in a Mario Kart game.

When 2022 is almost over, they will also provide an event celebrating the arrival of the new year with the title New Year’s Tour.

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This second annual tour event will present the return of several characters in Party Time costumes, as well as the long-awaited addition of Lakitu (Party Time).

A new video trailer released by Nintendo shows what the event has in store for 2022.

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Among other content, you also have the opportunity to get back Pauline (Party Time) and Toad (Party Time), as well as the newest character Lakitu (Party Time).

In addition to interesting characters, there are also other items such as getting Party-Wing and the new track RMX Rainbow Road 2, the latest version of Rainbow Road in Super Mario Kart SNES.


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