Manually changing the IP address and DNS on Android

Here is a tutorial on how to manually change the IP address and DNS on your Android smartphone. This setting applies to the wireless interface or connection via wireless. No connection using a cellular carrier’s data plan.

In the factory settings, the setting of the IP address is dynamic. Where the IP address, gateway and DNS data can be obtained automatically from the DHCP server.

However, we can set the IP address manually for certain purposes. For example:

1. Connect to a network whose DHCP server is disabled

Under certain conditions (probably the company) there are still networks that do not activate this DHCP server (a function of the router / server). In this state, we can manually enter data on the IP address, gateway and DNS that we receive from the network manager or administrator that we want to use.

2. For network device settings

In addition, changing the IP address on an Android smartphone is sometimes necessary to set network devices as well. Especially when it is necessary to set up with a smartphone. Such as setting the access point, router, etc.

3. Change the Internet speed group

It may be that there are restrictions for each IP in the network used. For example, the speed range is 10 Mbit / s and the speed range – is 1 Mbit / s. By changing the IP we can switch from one speed group to another speed group.

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Here are the quick steps to replace it IP address from dynamic Will static

1. Sign in to settings Wireless Internet access – Then press and hold the currently connected WiFi connection – select Change network.

2. Then select in the options Expanded options.

3. In the section IP settings Select static. Then enter the information as instructed by the network administrator. Add IP address, gate, Length of the network prefix, and DNS. Then click Save on computer Save settings.

When you just need to enter the IP address to set up a network or network device. While the gateway can – just fill it in with and leave the rest Originally. This method is especially useful if you don’t know or are still looking for the device’s IP address.

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Hence the tutorial on how to manually change IP address and DNS on Android. Hope it’s useful.

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