Mandalika Circuit enters the 2022 Superbike calendar

LIMAPAGI – The World Superbike organizers have announced the provisional calendar of the 2022 races.

From the announced list comes the name of the Mandalika Circuit, Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. The Superbike race in Mandalika takes place from 12.-14. November 2022.

In the calendar published on Monday 30 November 2022, the race on the Mandalika Circuit will take place before the Australian series on Philipp Island.

However, the race in Australia is still under discussion. The reason is that the two parties have not yet finished discussing the contract.

Meanwhile, the race on the Mandalika Circuit is not entirely safe either. The organizers announced whether the superbike should take place in Mandalika.

The organizers said the race could only take place if the track under construction received FIM homologation.

Mandalika Grand Pric Association CEO Ricky Baheramsjah said his party was optimistic that the track would be ready by the middle of next year. The same applies to the homologation of FIM.

“We are optimistic that the FIM track and homologation can be completed in mid-2021,” he said. ***

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