Make him a knob, the 5 most powerful MLBB counter change heroes!

This is the 5 most powerful modified MLBB hero counters that can turn a player into a nove.

Previously, Change was a Mobile Legends sorcerer hero, but his skills were very annoying, and his short cooldown skills freed him from skill spam, which was very annoying.

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In this regard, SPIN Esports provides five recommendations for the most effective change MLBB hero counters to fully OP the ability of change.


Renewal of Saber

The first hero is a Saber who can stop the change, including when releasing his Ultimate Skill 3 Saber.

At the same time, the damage that Saber deals with skill 3 is enough to kill the change immediately.


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The next hero is Aldos, who can destroy a change with just one skill 1 even if the change had a fairly thick shield at the time.


Just as OP ML heroes don't sell

Kaja also includes a very powerful hero to counter changes with Kaja’s Ultimate, which can negate the hero skills of all opponents, including changes.


Build Kufra

The fourth is Khufra, which can stop Change’s agile movement with two and three skills, and can also deal + cc of damage.

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Serena's new skin

The last hero is Serena, the most powerful hero to stop the change. Serena stuns the change for a few seconds, then scratches him and kills him immediately.

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