Mafia Movie Characters Inspired by the Original Mafia

Of the many best mafia-themed films, most of us think that the characters played in the film are just artificial engineering that is presented to make the plot more interesting. In fact, there are several mafia characters in the film that turn out to be genuine and actually exist in the real world.


In your opinion, who are the mafia characters in the movies who actually exist in the real world? is Vito Corleone from The Godfather including? Instead of you being curious about which mafia movie characters are from the original and which are not, it’s better to read this article until the end, OK!

5. Benjamin “Lefty” Ruggiero


Lefty’s character is played by Al Pacino in the movie Donnie Brasco adapted from a non-fiction book with the title My Undercover Life in the Mafia creation Joseph D. Pistonean agent undercover The FBI infiltrated a New York crime family, the Bonnano Crime Family.

Joseph D. Pistone tells the story undercoverhis crazy, which we all finally get to enjoy in this film. Using the pseudonym Donnie Brasco, Joseph D. Pistone managed to get acquainted with Lefty who is a made man at Bonnano Crime Family.

Under the crew Dominick “Sonny Black” Napolitano (who is also a real character in the real world), Lefty becomes Donnie’s (Joseph D. Pistone) personal mentor. Lefty and Donnie’s relationship was very close, like a pair of friends. Ironically, this is the relationship between an FBI agent and a member of the notorious mafia.

Their relationship could be that close because Donnie gave a lot of help and advice to Lefty, especially to Lefty’s child who was addicted to drugs.

However, the friendly harmonious relationship must end as soon as Operation Donnie Brasco is completed. A lot of evidence has been revealed, and countless members of the Bonnano Crime Family organization have been arrested.

In the film, Lefty is hinted to have been murdered by his fellow mobsters for being responsible for bringing Donnie into the organization. In fact, in the real world, FBI agents rushed to arrest him (so as not to be killed like Anthony Mirra and Sonny Black), and eventually he died in prison because he was old.

Even though Donnie has betrayed Sonny Black’s crew, Donnie has turned out to be a person who is very dear to Sonny Black’s crew. Before he died, Sonny Black had said, “I have no ill will towards Brasco, I love that boy.”

4. Frank “The Irishman” Sheeran


This time, turn Robert de Niro who act. In addition to being present at JokerRobert de Niro is also present in the film The Irishman with the role of an Irishman named Frank Sheeran suspected of being the main perpetrator for the “disappearance” Jimmy Hoffaa very famous figure in the United States at that time.

Frank himself is a real character in the real world who also has close relations with Jimmy Hoffa and the mafia family. As illustrated in the film, where Jimmy Hoffa himself offered Frank a job to do the job of “painting the walls”.

Wellof course not literally, “painting the walls” here it means “kill”. Of course, you know if you shoot someone near a wall, the blood will splatter on the wall as if you were painting it, right? More or less.

However, unlike in the film, to this day, Frank has not been proven to have committed the murder of Jimmy Hoffaas well as Crazy Joe Galloas depicted in the film.

3. Henry Hill


Once again, we have the Irish in list. For information for you, ok Henry Hill nor Frank Sheeranboth are just associate For each crime family. Frank di Bufalino Crime Familywhile Henry di Lucchese Crime Familypart of Five Families in New York.

These two people can never be one made man or official members of a mafia family, because they don’t have Italian blood. However, their names are still part of the organizational structure of the mafia family.

Adapted from the movie GoodfellasHenry Hill is an Irish figure who eventually becomes a “rat” (read: traitor) for being an informant for the FBI.

At first, he could be a associate because ever since he was a kid he’s been in awe of someone mobster famous, Paul Vario. Slowly he builds a reputation, and leads a criminal life in the Lucchese mafia family.

2. Al Capone

Original movie mafia character

Al Capone the one in the movie Capone or Empire Boardwalk is a legend in the mafia world since time immemorial prohibition. In contrast to the majority of mafia in New York, Capone built a reputation in Chicago as a mobster. He has the nickname “Modern Robin Hood”, like Pablo Escobar, because he often helps the poor by criminal means.

He’s not a conservative type mafia that has his base in the family vortex, but he is in the organization mobster filled with Italians.

Is Chicago Outfit, the name of the organization that became his kingdom. Previously, the leadership of Chicago Outfit was in the hands of Johnny “The Fox” Torrio who became Capone’s mentor figure. Johnny is a national mafia syndicate who has an extraordinary reputation in the criminal world.

After Johnny left Chicago, he gave Capone full responsibility for Chicago Outfit. In its history, Chicago Outfit has often clashed with Irish gangs.

Similar to Pablo Escobar, Al Capone also appears very cruel as a criminal. On Valentine’s Day, he is the mastermind behind the violent massacre of an Irish gang in a garage. This event is later referred to as St. Valentine’s Day’s Massacre.

In this incident, even civilians who were not involved (mechanics) were killed by a hail of bullets by Capone’s gang.

1. Charles “Lucky” Luciano

Original movie mafia character

Empire Boardwalk also features character Charles “Lucky” Luciano. A figure who has a big role in the national mafia syndicate in the United States.

Long story short, in the era of prohibition, there is a big conflict between the two mafia factions. This conflict led to a war called the Castellammarese War. For an illustration for you, something like this:

  • First faction: Led by Giuseppe “Joe” Masseria who was the big boss of mafia operations in the United States at that time.
  • Second faction: Led by Salvatore Maranzano ordered by a mafia with a great reputation from Sicilia, Don Vito Ferro to seize the Italian mafia operations in the United States.

The two sides did not want to give in to each other to get a complete monopoly on their mafia operations. Mutual killing ensued, and the situation was really chaos.

Because the war continues to heat up, Charles “Lucky” Luciano who is a member of the Masseria faction decides to end the war by betraying the Masseria faction.

Luciano arranged a meeting with Masseria at the Nuova Villa Tammaro Restaurant on Coney Island. The meeting was a success with Masseria’s death, while Luciano was in the bathroom.

With Masseria’s death, Salvatore Maranzano also restructured the mafia organization in New York with the formation of the Five Families. However, realizing that Maranzano was more greedy than Masseria, Luciano decided to kill Maranzano as well.

Once again, Luciano masterminded the assassination of the big boss by dispatching some errands, and again, it was a success. With the death of Maranzano, “Lucky” Luciano restructured the national mafia syndicate in order to reduce conflicts between mafia families. Also, he created a special commission for a national mafia syndicate.


Well, that was the mafia character in the film which was taken from the original character. Of these many characters, who do you know?

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