Madura United Shopee Liga 1 DLS Kits

DLS Madura United Kits Shopee Liga 1 2022

Madura United DLS Kits – For those of you lovers of Dream League Soccer or DLS, of course, this one soccer game is not an ordinary soccer game. Where besides being able to play Football games, you can also manage or manage your favorite football team/club, both for domestic leagues and foreign leagues or even the national team from every country.

Now playing games with the soccer category is quite easy and simple, just by using a gadget or smartphone we can play it anytime and anywhere we want it. This is different when you play soccer games using Playstation or Nintendo, where you have to stay in one place and need several devices to play it.

The world is indeed increasingly modern and continues to advance, so things that are difficult and complicated can be accessed easily and simply, one of which is by playing soccer games digitally. However, sometimes what makes us confused is choosing an application that we can trust and have the best quality. Of the many football game applications, this time we will only recommend DLS over other applications

Especially on this occasion we will also share Madura United DLS Kits for you. For those of you local football lovers, of course, you prefer to manage and play domestic football clubs in DLS games. Of the many local clubs that exist, maybe you are interested and like Madura United. Moreover, this football club has star-studded players.

Madura United Football Club History

Before we share Kit Dls Madura United, it would be nice if we would explain a little about the history or background of the emergence of the club which is now the pride of the Madurese community. Many do not know in detail that Madura United is not a club that started from scratch in Madura, in the sense that this club does not have a long history in Madura. The history of this club is different from Persepam Madura which has a long history on the island of Sate.

Madura United was born from a club in Bandung, namely Pelita Bandung Raya (PBR) which experienced financial difficulties and did not get as much support as Persib Bandung. Then the club was sold to a successful businessman who has close relations with Madura, namely Achsanul Qosasi. Because the club is headquartered in Pamekasan Madura, the club was renamed with Madura United.

Download Kit DLS Madura United Shopee Liga 1

Now Madura United FC not only has fans from Madura, many local football lovers in other cities or islands in Indonesia also like Madura United. Moreover, this club is one of the football clubs that are studded with stars such as Andik, Greg, Beto, and many others, even this club has a great chance to win Shopee Liga 1.

Well, for those of you who are DLS players, and are looking for a DLS Madura FC Kit, then it’s right for you to read or visit this website. Because, on this good occasion, we will share the download link for the MU FC DLS Kit.

If you can’t wait to get this DLS Kit right away, then please download it at the link below. Besides that, you can also download DLS kits for other local football clubs


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The final word

so much Madura United DLS Kits that we can share and explain to you, hopefully by visiting this site you get what you are looking for lately. Please download the other club DLS kits in our previous post.

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