Love Traveling? These are 6 Skills Travelers Must Master

As previously explained, one of the The reason traveling is very important to do is to make our minds fresh, then it can also be to deal with excessive stress. So when you are stressed, you are advised to travel to nature tourism.

Moreover, one of the reasons for traveling to natural destinations can make you happy with the cool atmosphere. Eits, but for those who often travel, you must have the skills that the following travelers must master, right!

Love Traveling? Here are the Skills Travelers Must Master

In addition to being good at saving money for traveling, you are also required to have the following skills.

1. Mastering Regional and Foreign Languages

Skills Travelers Must Master

Mastering Regional and Foreign Languages

The skill that must be mastered by the first traveler is mastering regional and foreign languages. If you like traveling domestically, mastering a few languages, at least the basics, is enough, guys. The goal is that you can appreciate the people in the places you visit.

Likewise abroad, you must master a foreign language at least English. Because, instructions as well as to ask people around must use a foreign language. Therefore, don’t forget to learn English.

No need for lessons, guys! You can use English learning apps or English learning sites. That way, you will get used to using foreign languages, especially English.

2. Driving a Car or Motorcycle

Skills Travelers Must Master

Can Drive Cars or Motorcycles

The skill that must be mastered by a second traveler is being able to drive a car or motorcycle. At least you can master one of these transportations, guys. The goal is that you can save money when traveling, because you only need to spend money on gas.

Well, you also have to avoid habits that cause wasteful motorcycle gasoline. So that you are not confused when looking for a petrol seller. Likewise with cars. Oh yes, even being able to drive a vehicle can overcome tourist destinations whose transportation is still rare.

3. Self Defense

Skills Travelers Must Master


The skill that the third traveler must master is self-defense. Yups, this really must be mastered by people who really like to do solo traveling or go traveling alone. Actually, it’s not just solo traveling, anyone must have it.

The goal is to protect yourself from dangerous threats from people in the place you are visiting. So, it’s not to be misused, yes, this skill. The point is if you feel in a situation that threatens both humans and wild animals, you can use these martial skills.

4. Swim or Dive

Skills Travelers Must Master

Swimming or Diving

The fourth skill that must be mastered by a traveler is swimming or diving. Actually, if you can dive, you can definitely swim. However, those who can swim may not necessarily be able to dive.

Why do you have to master this skill? Because, by being able to swim and dive, you can enjoy the beauty of the sea, for example seeing cute marine animals. Not only that, this skill is for your preparation when you experience a disaster at sea, in order to survive.

5. Hiking

Skills Travelers Must Master


The skill that the fourth traveler must master is hiking. Actually, this skill is not too important to master. But, if you really like climbing mountains, both on the most haunted mountains in Indonesia and volcanoes in the world, this skill is a must-have.

Because, hiking skills are not just climbing. But, you learn to survive in the forest. Examples include making bonfires, making knots, making tents and so on.

6. Photographing

Skills Travelers Must Master


The skill that must be mastered by the last traveler is taking pictures. Who doesn’t like taking photos when traveling? Surely almost everyone likes photos while traveling right. Well, for this skill, you don’t need to be a pro photographer.

Because, now there are many smartphones with the best cameras, which of course can take good photos, like a professional photographer. Well, the most important thing is that you know a good angle and know tricks to take photos at night when you are traveling at night.

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