Loop Hero Game Developers Invite Russian Gamers to Pirate the Game!

The conflict between Russia-Ukraine which has an impact on various kinds of sanctions that must be accepted by the Russian state and its businesses, including business in industry videos games which makes local developers dizzy so they have to give up games his creation was “pirated” by gamer.


It should be noted that the sanctions imposed by the world on Russia have a domino effect on developers games from the country of the White Bear, because they can no longer cash out all sales game-it’s on Steam.

This is because many managers platform games digital technology that has also imposed sanctions on Russia by blocking all forms of payment transactions to Russia and Ukraine.

Of course, this frustrates the native Russian developers because they have to bear the burden and the situation is all complicated.

However, Four Quarters actually took the initiative to take a radical step and (perhaps) would be liked by the fans gamer Russian origin. What steps were taken?

Four Quarters Developer Lets Russian Gamers Hijack Game Loop Hero


YupFour Quarters gladly gave up games homemade, Loop Hero, hijacked by para gamer so that it can be played, even give linkits just like that!

All of this started from a thread from a gamer Russia which contains a question about how to buy games indie Loop Hero in the period of sanctions. The question was asked in VK site (Russian-owned social media).

Who would have thought, Four Quarters came up with an answer that shocked the audience gamer from any circles, namely plowing gamesher if you want to play.

This is because there is almost no longer legal access available to play games indie, so that piracy can be the only way that can be taken.

To make it easier for gamer Russia “plowing” gamesher, Four Quarters is willing to provide Torrent links from website RuTracker that can be downloaded anytime and anywhere.

Of course, the action made the gamer Russia is not feeling well. Not a few of them offer donations in the form of money to developers like buying games indie Loop Hero legally.

Four Quarters also emphasized that it was very sincere in carrying out the “free” action game-its’ this. This developer also hopes that this message of support can spread throughout the community gamer in Russia.

Loop Hero Games
Loop Hero Games

At first, the Russian government did plan to allow its citizens to hijack games and software circulating in this market, as a countermeasure to sanctions imposed by the world.

This causes the Russian economy to decline day by day. That is why this policy is on the agenda of the Russian Minister of Economy.

However, the action taken by the Four Quarters is quite surprising because they are from Russia. The greatness of the developer’s heart for the sake of the gamer Russia is not frustrated this deserves thumbs up.

What are developer steps games Four Quarters welcome gamer Russian plow Loop Hero game is it right? Write your opinion in the comments column, OK!

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