Lola Zieta Just Play Dawn Break: Legacy of Valkyria, Don’t You Have Time?

Already Released Early this July, Dawn Break: Legacy of Valkyria

Published by Prodigy Infinitech, Dawn Break: Legacy of Valkyria will be featured on Google Play during the Official Game Launch period. After more than 4 weeks of testing and optimization, Prodigy announced that Dawn Break: Legacy of Valkyria will be released for Southeast Asia Region on Google Play on 4th July 2022. You can play this game RIGHT NOW!

Dawn Break: Legacy of Valkyria, game specs:

Platform : Android, will be available on iOS
Google Play Store :
Minimum OS version : Android 5.0 & iOS 7
Size : 1 Gigabytes
Language : English, Bahasa, Mandarin, Thai, Viet Nam
Gender : Japanese Anime Inspired Action Role Playing Games
Countries: Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Viet Nam, Myanmar.

The Official Game Launch will be marked by several exciting and interesting community and ingame events such as:

  1. Official Review Competition, create and share on social media a video review of your playing experience Dawn Break: Legacy of Valkyria.
  2. Exclusive Summon, for 2 categories (Special Oboro & Special Wind Hero), during the period official release rate to get both exclusive summons increase and Guarantee to get Oboro on 5th of 10x Draw Oboro’s Summon


  • NEW FEATURES! We will introduce a new feature called “TRIAL OF EMPEROR”. This feature consists of stage exploration and the most interesting part of this Trial of Emperor is the enemy being fought isn’t it NPC but characters from other players. The prizes you get are GEM (for Refine) and Emperor Emblem (Game Currency)
  • OFFICIAL RELEASE NEW AUTHENTIC LUNAR BATTLE FORCE FASHION! This new fashion is inspired by the power of moonlight. Push fear into the hearts of your opponents and prepare to annihilate them with the latest style!

Lola Zieta Just Play Dawn Break: Legacy of Valkyria, Don't You Have Time?

Dawn Break: Legacy of Valkyria also has several key features, which make this game unique compared to its competitors in the RPG game industry, here are their main features:

Lola Zieta Just Play Dawn Break: Legacy of Valkyria, Don't You Have Time?

  1. Voice Acting by Top Japanese Voice Actor and Actresses, Rie Tanaka, Ryohei Kimura and Hikaru Midorikawa, they are the voices behind our Valkyria heroes!
  2. Intuitive Controls, help players easily launch cool skills and combos nonstop. This feature provides a real combat experience in smartphoneLola Zieta Just Play Dawn Break: Legacy of Valkyria, Don't You Have Time?
  3. Console Quality Graphic Action RPG, for your ultimate entertainment in your mobile device. Graphic quality that glides smoothly at 60 FPS, indulges elite tastes Japanese anime visualization
  4. Wide Selection of Heroes with Unique Japanese style inspired fashion. The character designs of the heroes are inspired by the latest fashion trends in Japan.
  5. Play as Epic Bosses in PVP Arena in Battle Royale and annihilate other players, it is your time to show who’s the boss! This feature provides an opportunity to show off the strength and superiority of your character by fighting against 3 other players directly, LIVE!
  6. Gather your friends to conquer challenge monster, gather the strength of your community to fight together boss deadly and earn special items.

“the main strength of Dawn Break: Legacy of Valkyria lies on co-op modes, in this stunning world of Valkyria you can play with your friends for deadly enemies / bosses and get items strong. More than that with features intuitive control, allowing the player to unleash an unstoppable attack” said Yanandra AP Pratama, Prodigy Executive Project Manager.

“We, Team Prodigy hope Dawn Break: Legacy of Valkyria bring fun to all RPG players in the Southeast Asia area, that’s why we strive to make this game competitive for pro player but at the same time it can be enjoyed by beginners, thus creating an exciting gaming experience for all players. More than that customer service we are ready 24/7 to serve all players” added Nicholas Lee In Pyo, Prodigy Project & Marketing Director.

Fight, against your destiny! Follow and like our Facebook page to get the latest information from Dawn Break: Legacy of Valkyria. Join our community right away and get to know players from all over the world and earn cute fairy companions, also various gifts in-game!

Download Dawn Break: Legacy of Valkyria on Google Play:

Dawn Break: Legacy of Valkyria official Facebook page:


About Prodigy Infinitech

  1. Prodigy Infinitech is a game publisher founded in 2009. Located in Jakarta, Indonesia, a digital entertainment content services company that concentrates on online game services. Several titles from various genres, ranging from MMORPG (Rune of Magic, Canaan, Harvest Moon Indonesia, Battle of the Immortals, Legend of 3 Kingdoms, Kingdoms Fighter, Anime Saint, Rise of Europe, DivoSaga Indonesia, Light of Darkness and Dawn Break) , Shooter (Mercury Red), Real Time Strategy (Realm of the Titans), as well as Casual and Social Dance games such as Touch Online and Dance On.

For more than nine years, Prodigy Infinitech has received several awards for outstanding games and services. Runes of Magic won the “Best MMORPG Game 2010” award by GameQQ, and led Prodigy as the favorite game publisher “Most Favorite Game Publisher” in the same year.

2013 marked the next milestone when Prodigy succeeded in releasing web-based games including Pirate King, Ninja Online, DivoSaga, and Kingdoms Fighter which were enthusiastically welcomed by various groups.

Prodigy Infinitech has always been adaptable, read gamers trends and made a breakthrough in 2014 by introducing casual MMO Touch Online, a web-based dance game that has become the choice of the younger generation in the last three years. Success Touch Online made it the Best Casual Game 2014,2015 and 2022 version of BoxGame. Prodigy was honored again after Dance On received The Best MMO 2022 award.

2017 – 2022 Prodigy gives more focus to Mobile Gaming on Android and iOS operating systems. Marks the release of Dance On Mobile followed by Dawn Break. This milestone has launched Prodigy to become one of the most anticipatory Mobile Game Publishers in the global market.

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