LOL player Faker Turns Down Highest Transfer Rate Offer to US

Lee Sang-hyeok 'Faker'

Lee Sang-hyeok ‘Faker’ – This esports player has proven once again that money is not everything in a career.

Faker, a SK Telecom T1 player, turned down a tempting offer from a team in the United States.

Because, Faker was offered a blank check, aka salary and transfer value as he pleased!

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With this offer, Faker can make me the most expensive League of Legends player in the world.

In fact, Faker can set the highest transfer record for League of Legends.

However, this mid laner player actually refused the offer.

This experience was conveyed by Faker when he was invited to an interview on Radio Star, South Korea.

He received an official offer from the North American League of Legends organization.

To be precise, he was offered to move to Los Angeles in order to play for the LCS league there.

To facilitate the transfer, the faker is given a blank check along with the offered contract.


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