LOKAPALA, Moba and Esports Game by Indonesian Game Studio


Anantarupa Studio Becomes The Only Moba & Esports Game Developer From Indonesia & Southeast Asia To Respond To The Challenges Of The Market Potential Of More Than 90 Trillion Rupiah

Diana Paskarina, COO & Founder from Studio Anantarupa shared about the difficulty of making MOBA esports games and shared about technical matters that must be considered, when filling the Esports Education event, Baywalk Game Festival. Anantarupa developed a MOBA game with the aim of becoming the first game developer in Southeast Asia capable of developing esports games, of course with a theme that is thick with Indonesian culture.

Anantarupa Studio is an Indonesian game, AR and VR developer based in Jakarta and has been operating since 2011. During its 7 years of existence, Anantarupa has produced many custom games and applications for corporate clients, such as Mayora, Indofood, BCA, Samsung, Suzuki, 2022 Asian Games. Ministry of Tourism, Telkomsel, and many others.

Pioneer in AR and VR-based game development

With 7 years of experience, Anantarupa has become a pioneer in the development of games based on Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technology as well as other innovative technologies. For example, the AR games they developed successfully promoted Choki-Choki products with the Boboiboy digital campaign in 2022 and Doraemon’s Vegetable Adventure in 2022.

In fact, one AR games their creation, Oriinokars, had become top 10 toys at UK Toys Fair 2022. VR museum which they developed in 2014 was covered National Geographic Indonesia. VR tourism platform which they present at international events World Expo Milano 2022, make Indonesian Pavilion entered as “Top Ten Pavilion” in Milan. Anantarupa was also selected as the official partner in developing 2018 Asian Games Official Games, where Indonesia is the host.

Ambition to Conquer the MOBA and Esports Market

This year, Anantarupa has the ambition to enliven the world of esports in the country, by developing MOBA genre esports games (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena). Esports has grown rapidly since many years all over the world, including in Indonesia. Until now, esports games are dominated by developers from America, China, and Korea. Anantarupa developed a MOBA game with the aim of becoming the first game developer in Southeast Asia capable of developing esports games, of course with a theme that is thick with Indonesian culture.

Indonesian moba game lokapala
Indonesian moba game lokapala

Anantarupa MOBA Dev lead team

“The reason we developed the MOBA genre game is because we want Indonesia not only to be target-market from foreign-made games, but able to develop games that are able to penetrate the international market and at the same time introduce Indonesian culture. From the data we collected, 67% of MOBA genre esports games still have demand high, while CAGR growing more than 28% per year. Indonesia alone, market-is growing more than 37% per year, so the opportunity to get market The new one is very big,” said Diana Paskarina, as co-founder and COO of Anantarupa.

Optimistic Go International

Anantarupa is optimistic to be able to bring Indonesia’s name to the international world, because this MOBA game project is guided by a Korean developer who has more than 20 years of experience in developing online games. “To be able to compete with international-level game-developer, we do technology transfer and knowledge from a very experienced Korean developer team,” Diana continued. “To make a similar game in China, the minimum required funds are starting from USD $ 8 million.”

When asked what her hopes were for the future, Diana replied, “The government and various parties support of course, because the gaming industry has the potential to bring in foreign exchange. For example, one esports game title that is now popular in Indonesia can generate 15 trillion rupiah to 90 trillion rupiah in one year.”

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