Lokapala Jawara Nusantara Ready to Bring Game of the Nation’s Children to the World

Melon Nusantara together with Telkomsel through Dunia Games just held a Awarding Ceremony Lokapala Jawara Nusantara organized by on line on Friday, May 1, 2022.


Jawara Nusantara is a tournament esports who competes games MOBA made by the nation’s children, Lokapalawhich is on a national scale and is followed by teams esports from various regions in Indonesia, with total prizes 100 million rupiah.

Jeet Capital come out as champion after defeating God United (which must be satisfied as Runner Up) in the round Grand Finals. Temporary RANS Esports managed to reach third place.

The awarding of prizes was given during the Awarding Ceremony and witnessed directly by high-ranking officials from both Telkomsel and Melon Nusantara.

Lokapala Ready for Expansion Outside Indonesia

Through the Lokapala Jawara Nusantara Awarding Ceremony, Hendri Mulya Syam as Telkomsel President Director say that Lokapala can be a trigger for the development of the community esports in Indonesia.

According to him, gamer Indonesia has been spoiled with more and more genres games accessible. Sadly, games locally made children of the nation are available 0.4% of the total market.

For that reason, the Jawara Nusantara event can be the beginning to introduce Lokapala deeper into gamer Indonesia, so games local people can succeed in their own land.

Of course, this dream will not be achieved without support. Therefore, Telkomsel is ready to support Lokapala as well as games made by other nation’s children to make a breakthrough in the future.

In line with Telkomsel’s wishes, Ivan Chen as CEO of Anantarupa Studios (developer Lokapala) also continues to strive to expand as widely as possible.

Lokapala has a big target in 2022, which is to develop esports in order to remain competitive in this industry. Main focus Lokapala is expansion first to Southeast Asian countries,” said Ivan Chen.

One way to introduce Lokapala to neighboring countries is to hold Regional tournaments in each Southeast Asian country.

Later, the winners from each region will enter the international level Invitational tournament (Southeast Asia) as well as a promotion event in Indonesia. events G20 to be held in Bali.

See the achievements obtained by player Jeet Esports, Dewa United, and RANS Esports, and their development Lokapala in Indonesia, of course this is a good first step for the industry esports in Indonesia.

After Garudaku Esports Academy has been formed by PB ESI, accommodates the gamer on an activity such as a tournament esports is the first step to remove the negative stigma that has been attached to games.

With the increasing number of positive activities in the industry esportsit is hoped that in the future parents can understand that esports can be a promising livelihood in the future, and can help the country’s economy as expected by Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment of Indonesia, Luhut Binsar Panjaitan.

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