Log in to Mobile Legends: Bang Bang today (November 11, 2022) to get one free skin and other prizes

You must be logged in to Mobile Legends today (November 11, 2022) to win one free skin and other compelling prizes.

Finally, on November 11, 2022, we are entering a mobile legend event full of attractive prizes.

The event we mean is the 11.11 Mobile Legends event, which is the most awaited event for players at the moment.

The event offers prizes such as free skins, large diamond promotions, and discounts on heroes / skins in the shop.

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11.11 Mobile Legends Event
Photos via youtube mobile legends

Therefore, you must be logged in to your Mobile Legends account today (November 11, 2022) to claim or participate in all Mobile Legends events / gifts.

And one of the prizes presented today is a gift from the Mille Crepes Mobile Legends event where players can redeem Moonton’s free skins and cake coins.

Alternatively, you can redeem Cake Coin for a diamond promotion and later use this item to purchase skins.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Latest Event ml

Plus, there’s a big discount on the four skins you choose: Pharsa, Akai, Layla, and Alucard, which you can buy for 50 diamonds.

The point is that you will need to log in to Mobile Legends this Wednesday (November 11, 2022) to receive a variety of free gifts other than those listed above.

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