Local Game Greetings from Binjai Simulator Released, Here’s the Gameplay!

Greetings from Binjai Simulator

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Greetings from Binjai Simulator

GridGames.ID – For those of you who play social media, you must be familiar with the slogan ‘Greetings from Binjai’.

The slogan has flooded the social media world for some time and has gone viral.

Initially, ‘Greetings from Binjai’ was expressed by a former boxer named Paris Pernandes through his TikTok account.

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Every time he makes a video, the slogan ‘Greetings from Binjai’ is always spoken.

One that is even more iconic is that he often appears next to a banana tree and punches it.

The slogan was so viral that it became a game.

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Yep, this game carries the title ‘Greetings from Binjai Simulator’ and was developed by a local developer called StickyLab.

So, what is the gameplay of the game like? Continue to the next page!


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